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Winter is Coming

"If you count seven strides as you walk down those irrigation pipes, it'll balance when you pick it up," Marty's reedy voice echoed in my head. Marty's family bought this ranch in 1920, he was born and raised here and his knowledge about this place is priceless. He spends his summers here but winters in Arizona now; the information and stories he's shared about this place are invaluable. This was one little tidbit that I've used so many times.

Today, in preparation for winter, Derek and I picked up the 40 foot long aluminum pipes, 78 of them, in the Grass Hay Field where the horses we're working with live. Mares and foals are there now; halter training and handling are the lessons for this year's babies for the next few weeks. I walked down the pipe counting seven strides, turned to face it, bent down, lifted it, and walked about 20 to 30 yards up to the fence. We store the pipes across the fence from the horses. I listened to the echo of the 40 foot aluminum pipe as it fell to the other side of the fence.

October. 78°F. Smokey.

I wiped the sweat out of my eyes and continued with the project. Derek and I picked up and stored the pipes from that field while the mares and foals watched curious at first, then they went back to nibbling the grass.

Winter is coming; we will be ready.

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